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I am Zainab, and I LOVE editing. Simple as that.

Editing romance is my “thing”, my love, my passion, my drive, and my means of making a living. This woman has no triggers. Just try me! Bring it on and let’s see what you’ve got.

Thank you for stopping by and finding out what I do.

I am a full-time romance editor, specializing in dark, contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal romance fiction genres. I hope you aren’t shy because this really isn’t the time or place. If you are still reading, then that is a good sign. Now, let’s see if we would make a good team...

Books are life for me. They are everything. Nothing beats escaping to a different world, and if I am honest, I often finish a book a day. I am a natural introvert, so my dream date doesn’t involve people; it involves a book. Call me weird and maybe a little highly strung (ask my husband), but I hope my obsession also reveals my passion. And I would love to share that passion with you.


Thanks to my mum’s suggestion, I decided to take the leap and established “The Blue Couch Edits”. Over time, my workload grew, and guess what? I’m not doing a bad job. I actually know what I am doing for once...well, most of the time.


In summary, I offer content editing, copy editing, line editing, and proofreading services. So, if your book falls under my niche, feel free to check out the services I offer. Maybe we could create something fantastic together… 

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The time and effort Zainab put into making my manuscript shine absolutely blew me away. I cannot recommend her enough.

The suggestions she gave to close up plot-holes in my book and make the words flow were honestly priceless. She was also incredibly kind and encouraging -

I was nervous to be working with an editor for the first time, but she made the experience fantastic.

She gives thorough (and hilarious, lol) comments, and kindly educates on why she makes the changes she does. I will absolutely be working with her again!





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